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Northern final
22 November 2016

The state of Perak will be the host state for the Final round of the Malaysian Rally Championship 2016. As in the past, the rally stages in Perak features fast flowing and technical stages which can catch out even the experienced drivers. This year the Rally HQ moves from the state capitol, Ipoh to the center of the state (Perak Tengah) district town of Seri Iskandar. Known as the ¡°University Town¡± with Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Universiti Teknologi MARA and Kolej Professional MARA located within the district. It¡¯s going to be an interesting weekend for the folks of Seri Iskandar to see the Malaysian Rally Championship right at their doorstep.

During the two day of competition, competitors will cover a total distances of 490 KMs with 170km of highspeed rallying stages which divided into 12 special stages around the Risda Bukit Kota and PPPNP plantations. However, it won¡¯t be easy this year as the rally stages could be wet and muddy due to unpredictable weather towards the end of the year. Do expect plenty of drama during the two days.

The rally of Perak has attracted some 18 competitors and will be flagged off in Seri Manjung, Saturday. A notable entry includes Mohd Shazly, Mohd Rafizal, Hj Suhaimi and Karamjit Singh. They are expected to take on the roads in Perak as fast as they can as if their lives depended on it. Overall and class winners of the championship will also be decided after the competitors complete the final 490km on the Championship. There will be plenty of high speed action to watch!

Rallying is form of motorsport which literally allows spectators to touch the cars as it passes. Unlike circuit racing where you have to buy tickets and confined to the grandstand, rallying can be watch by the road side or walk into the estates to find the best possible spots. You maybe bitten by insects, soaked in mud and water and coloured in dust but that is the thrill of rallying. Then there is the service park an area where at time rallies are won and lost. There times where cars come into the service parks battered and damaged but after 20 minutes it¡¯s ready to be driven flat out again. The combination of driver and co-driver, car and crew with the least cumulative time wins a rally.