Rally Of Perak

The state of Perak is the host state for the third round of the Malaysian Rally Championship 2017. As in the past, the rally stages in Perak features fast flowing and technical stages which can catch out even the experienced drivers. Rally HQ will again be located in Seri Iskandar. Known as the ¡°University Town¡± with Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Universiti Teknologi MARA and Kolej Professional MARA located within the district, the folks of Sri Iskandar welcomes the competitors and organizers with a warmth of Hospitality. It¡¯s going to be an interesting weekend for the folks of Seri Iskandar to see the Malaysian Rally Championship right at their doorstep.

During the two day of competition, competitors will cover a total distances of 490 KMs with 170km of highspeed rallying stages which divided into 12 special stages around the Risda Bukit Kota and PPPNP plantations. Rallying in Perak has never been easy for the competitors as nature of the roads and unpredictable could play a vital role on the outcome of the rally. Do expect plenty of drama during the two days. MORE >>>

Rafiq wins bags round 2
13 AUGUST 20117

Round 2 of the Malaysian Rally Championship 2017 will certainly go down in history as the only rally with 3 classified finishers out of the 21 cars which originally started the event. As usual, Mother Nature played a vital role to the outcome of the rally.

There was no rain nor striking hot sun throughout the whole 6 stages which made up leg 2. A total of 5 cars lead the field which included 23 cars restarting under the super rally rules. Leg 2 consist of 77km of competitive stages covering a total of 264km before ending the rally at the Johor Circuit.

Leg 1 winner Karamjit Singh and his Proton Gen 2 4WD was mysteriously off the pace on first couple of stages before his car chronically started to suffer fuel problems and started to lose loads of time and eventually was forced to stop in stage with fuel problems. Karamjit Singh was out of the rally after dominating the rally with a rather sick car. MORE >>>

Mud bath!
12 AUGUST 20117

Fridays heavy down pour spelt disaster for the MRC competitors as the roads which made up leg 1 of the IROJ 2017 one of the muddiest roads ever. The roads were slippery with thick slush like mud everywhere with the odd water splash throughout the day. Thankfully the weather remained mild and windy but it was a mud bath of a rally. Leg 1 consist of 8 stages which consists of 8 stages totaling 161km of competitive driving. SS7 was cancelled due to undividable conditions.

Mohd Rafiq lead the 21 cars into leg one. With most of the competitors having very little experience driving through such conditions, it wasn¡¯t long before the competitors were slowly being sucked by the mud into retirement. Driving through the mud soak stages requires a different kind of skill where on has to really understand the surface and drive through with very little wheel spin. All the cars will start leg 2 under the super rally rules. MORE >>>

MRC Round 2
9 AUGUST 20117

Round 2 of the 2017 Malaysian Rally Championship is also the third round of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship 2017. An event which is the pinnacle of local rallying where it showcased the very best of the local and foreign drivers and their machine.

After a record breaking number of entrant during the first round of the MRC in Perlis, 25 cars will start the event this weeks end at the Pasir Gudang Circuit. It will be and interesting event with a mixture of new and seasoned competitors

Championship leader Cepot and runner up Mohd Shazmie and 2wd leader Sutan Mustafa are among the starters for the event. After missing the first round, Karamjit Singh is expected to take part in the event with his Gen 2 4wd. should everything works in his favour, championship leader Cepot will have to work hard to keep his championship lead intact. MORE >>>

Launching of New Logo and Name of Malaysian Rally
25 MAY 20117

Subang ¨C Thursday 25th May 2017. Rally organisers, Wheel Sport Management Sdn. Bhd. today unveiled the new name and logo of the ¡°Malaysian Rally 2017¡±. The ceremony was attended and officiated by Y.A.M Tunku Idris Iskandar Al-Haj ibni Sultan Ibrahim, the Tunku Temenggong of Johor who is the Patron of the Event. Also in attendance were Dato¡¯ (Dr.) Siew Ka Wei, Chairman of Wheel Sport Management Sdn. Bhd., director Y.M. Dato¡¯ Paduka Tengku Shaharin Abu Bakar Tengku Suleiman who is also the Clerk of the Course for Malaysian Rally 2017 and Managing Director, Datin Paduka Raja Nor Mazli Tun Raja Mohar. MORE >>>

Big Cheer for CEPOT and DWau One Motorsport BDRT team!
14 MAY 20117

C-Mart, Arau. Perlis ¨C Roduwan Rashid and his co-driver Amirul Zahri won the first round of the Malaysian Rally Championship 2017 here today. Driving an old version Subaru Impreza for the first time and DWau One Motorsport BDRT team first event, he held on to the lead of the rally from start to finish with a margin of just over a minute from second place teammate Mohd Shazmie Mohd Ilias. After getting comfortable with the Subaru Impreza he just continued getting faster for the course of Leg 2. It a good start for the new DWau One Motorsport BDRT team as 4 of the 6 cars entered finished the event with Cepot and Mohd Shazmie finishing on the top spot. The team celebrated their successes with Doa¡¯s and prayers at the service park. MORE >>>

Leg 1 ¨C Roduwan leads
13 MAY 20117

A total of 3 stages totaling 44km made up leg 1 today. 21 cars started the rally minus Karamjit Singh and Shafiq Shamsuddin whom came to Perlis without their cars. Their cars had problems and couldn¡¯t be ready in time. The cars were flagged off by The Raja Muda of Perlis in Arau in the afternoon.

The rally stages, slightly damp due to overnight rain was the best surface for rallying. The damp conditions provided good grip for the cars to drive on. However in rally a lot can go wrong. It was supposed to be a stroll MRU boss Muhd Rafiq with his Subaru Impreza. Being co-driven by his son for the first time Muhd Tramimi, he had lost a few gears and was unable go flat out in the stages. It was Roduwan (or Cepot as he know) whom capatalised on Rafiq problems to take a 23 second lead by the end of SS3. Certainly the extra power and traction from the Subaru Impreza played the part well. MORE >>>

Antara yang Bertanding

Pusingan pertama MRC telah menarik sebanyak 23 pasukan. Ternyata satu permulaan yang baik untuk kejuraan MRC tahun ini. Disamping penampilan peserta baru, kejuaraan kali ini turut menyaksikan kemunculan peserta lama untuk memeriahkan lagi acara kali ini. Berikut senarai 5 peserta dan kereta yang bakal di pandu mereka.

Karamjit Singh (Proton Gen2 4wd)
Setelah 5 tahun memandu kereta 2wd dalam kejohanan MRC, beliau kembali memandu kereta 4wd berkuasa turbo. Kereta Proton Gen 2 4wd yang dibelinya dari pasukkan Felda Rally team ternyata bukan calang2 kereta. Dengan kehebatan corak pemanduan Karamjit Singh, beliau sudah tentu akan menjadi tarikan peminat rally di Perlis hujung minggu ini. Beliau bakal di kemudi oleh juruarah dari India bernama Musa Sharif. MORE >>>

AAM Malaysian Rally Championship 2017 ¨C Intense competition guaranteed!

The rule changes implemented last year provided fierce competition among the local competitors with two overall categories up for grabs. Indeed the new format tailored to make the championship affordable and competitive worked, as it provided some of the closest competition the championship has seen in many-many years. There will certainly be more room for improvement this year and the focus now is to gather more competitors into the championship and make it even better and accessible to all.

The Malaysian Rally Championship 2017 (MRC) will remain to be a closed national event, meaning only local licensed competitors will be allowed to take part and score championship points. . MORE >>>

Throw back MRC 2016

The 2016 Malaysian Rally Championship provided another year of memorable rallying season fill with drama and plenty of action. MRC 2016 marked another chapter of Malaysian Rallying where for the first time only local competitors will be able to score championship points. Another sting in the tail is the double championship award for the MRC. No longer will there be a dominate title contender instead both 4WD and 2WD categories will be awarded at the end of the season. With no foreign competitors taking honors and media spotlight, MRC 2016 is the platform where the local competitors will showcase their talents and outright speed. From the first round in Perlis to the season finale in Perak, there was a constant tensed atmosphere of competition through the rally weekends. It¡¯s a good start for the development of the championship and hopefully will bring forward fresh new talents into rallying. Even with the new format, the championship has lost none of its sting and the competition was as intense as ever. MORE >>>